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A seminar in the footsteps of Jules Verne

Seminar at the Carousel

Located along the Loire, opposite the Jules Verne Museum, the Marine Worlds Carousel juts up out of the Ile de Nantes, the city's most maritime spot. This giant carousel, almost 25 meters high and 22 meters in diameter, is a complex machine that embodies engineering and artistic expertise. Three levels are stacked in concrete latticework, crowned by a Big Top that is itself adorned with pediments, and guarded by 16 fishermen from all the world’s oceans. Treat your inner child to a ride on this merry-go-round during your seminar.

Lunch at The Atlantide

Hospitality rises to new heights
19th century building that stands more than thirty metres above the quayside. This large building overlooks the Butte Sainte-Anne, just steps from the Jules Verne Museum. Atlantide is French for Atlantis, and in the words of Jean-Yves Guého, Michelin-starred chef of Atlantide, "this Atlantis is not hidden at the bottom of the ocean, but instead dominates the Loire... As for the treasures of the sea, you'll find them on your plate".

Tour in the footsteps of Jules Verne

Follow in the footsteps of Nantes' most famous son to experience the 19th century city he lived in: the medieval quarter that inspired his first story; Ile Feydeau that opens the city to the port, the sea, far-off lands and the imaginary settings of his future novels. This itinerary featuring the places where Jules Verne lived and drew his inspiration showcases the life and works of the world's most translated author.

Gwenaëlle Gourmelon
Strategic events manager, Explore
« Carousel rides and Elephant »

«Our works council organizes a special year-end event for employees every year. Last year, we wanted something more original than just a dinner and chose the Marine Worlds Carousel . We were treated to a guided tour and rides on the carousel. Our 100 employees were delighted! Afterwards we had a cocktail buffet in the venue just outside the Carousel, where we watched the elephant take its walk. Everyone had a great time! »


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