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Nantes’ tourism professionals : working to ensure your safety !

In order to welcome visitors in the best possible conditions, Nantes’ business and leisure travel professionnals commit to a common charter to ensure visitor safety.

Our Objective : Allow visitors to experience Nantes with peace of mind

Our commitments :

1. We commit to implementing the protective measures decreed by the Ministry of Labor and the professionnal branches of the events industry.

2. Our staff has received thorough compliancy training on how to maintain and respect protective measures.

3. Our establishments have a delegated COVID representative.

4. We ensure compliance with protective measures within our accommodation, cultural, catering and shopping locations and event venues.

5. Wearing a mask is compulsory for anyone 11 years of age and over everywhere in the city (on public transport, at the train station, at the airport, and all enclosed public spaces).

6. At the airport and train station

  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols have been reinforced
  • Antibacterial gel at your disposal
  • Social distancing aids are in place thanks to floor-markings and plexiglass walls

7. Public transport

  • Frequent public announcements, visible floor-markings and clear signage on seats are all in place to help respect social distancing measures.
  • Doors open automatically on all equipped vehicles
  • Ticket validators are cleaned with a disinfection spray
  • Antibacterial gel dispensers are available on all tramways and busways
  • Vehicle and station disinfection measures have been reinforced

8. In taxis

  • A plexiglass wall separates the driver and the customer
  • A list of preventive measures is displayed in the vehicle
  • Antibacterial gel is at your disposal

9. Cafes, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and caterers follow all of the protective measures defined by the Ministry of Labor

10. To ensure a pleasurable tourist experience, Nantes’ stakeholders call on the responsibility of each visitor and citizen to follow preventive measures and social distancing.


Accompanying Nantes’ visitors, from arrival through every step of their trip
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