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Digital : Fastest job growth in France

Digital tech in Nantes Saint-Nazaire boasts large corporations and innovative start-ups, numerous tech-related study programmes and support from local governments. The area features a subtle blend of tech culture, enthusiasm and creativity that cultivates an environment conducive to development. Buoyed by the momentum, Nantes Saint-Nazaire posts the fastest growth in tech jobs in France.

Cultural & Creative Industries, a thriving scene

In Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the cultural and creative industries are part of the local identity, generating strong potential for growth and job creation. Between 1993 and 2014, they grew by 63%, exceeding all other economic sectors taken together. This thriving scene is growing in an organized fashion, thanks to the Creative Arts District on the Ile de Nantes.


Whether for aeronautics, shipbuilding or renewable marine energies (RME), Nantes Saint-Nazaire is a top-class hub. This is where the world’s biggest vessels and airplanes are made. This is where engineers and researchers design the planes and technologies of the future while working at latest-generation technological platforms and the Jules Verne Institut de Recherche Technologique (IRT). From major employers such as STX, Airbus and Alstom to start-ups nurtured in the laboratories of the big colleges or the University, here everything goes faster, higher, stronger.

Preparing today for tomorrow's healthcare

The Nantes Saint-Nazaire metro area is famous for its health and biotechnology research, supported by the "competitiveness cluster" accreditation obtained by Atlanpole Biotherapies in 2005. The presence of key infrastructure facilities, such as the Arronax cyclotron, innovative SMEs and research institutes have helped build this well-deserved reputation.

Agri-Foods industries : Western France dominates the market

One quarter of French agri-food industry jobs are located in Western France. At its heart, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire metro area has one of the nation's top research centres on food and nutrition. It benefits from a dense industrial fabric and the presence of the leading French port in the sector.

Retail : A thrinving city centre !

With a market of 1.5 million consumers within a radius of 100 km, the dynamic demographics of the metro area and its growing economic influence make Nantes Saint-Nazaire a popular location for retail businesses. In Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, the major commercial hubs in the Loire-Atlantique department, the local government supports change, in particular by consolidating the growing demand for commercial property in the city centre.

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